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The Guardian STC5 Infra Red Transmitter Personal Activation Device comprises of Infra Red Transmitters, battery monitor circuit with confidence LED, push button activator and attack level “retaining peg” activation method. With the pin removed the unit will transmit the call signal for up to 8 minutes before shutting down to allow the call to be reset in the event of a hostage situation.

The Guardian STC5 transmits on a high infra red frequency as well as the standard infra red frequency. This means it is ideal for use on sites where high frequency switched lighting has been installed, and overcomes the potential problems associated with this type of lighting technology. It can also be used on older sites where the standard Guardian AIRX4 IR Receivers have been installed.

Personal Activation Device Attachment Methods

The STC Clip fixing offers a wide range of flexibility for attaching the STC Personal Activation Device to the users clothing, and no longer relies on the wearer having a belt or belt loop to attach the Personal Activation Device to the clothing. All Personal Activation Devices are supplied with the STC Clip and G-clip as standard.

Although now superceded by the new STC Clip, the leather loop will continue to be available as an optional extra for those customers who prefer this method of fixing.


Call Types Available
Call – sends standard Staff Attack System first level call signal
Reset Only – sends Reset signal
Assistance – sends Nursecall System Assistance level call signal
Emergency – sends Nursecall System Emergency level call signal
Attack – sends standard Staff Attack System Attack level call
Priority – sends Nursecall System Priority call
Staff Present Only – sends Staff Present signal
Call Remote Reset – sends Staff Attack System first level call which can be reset remotely when received on a nursecall System call point
Assist Remote Reset – sends Nursecall System Assistance level call that can be reset remotely when received on a Staff Attack System
Off – switches the activator to “Off” and effectively turns it into a battery test feature as the LED is still lit when activated



STC5 – Infra Red Personal Activation Device

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