Sensorium work closely with patient carers, occupational therapists, care home managers, technical equipment specifiers and others to create dedicated product and system solutions adapted to specific requirements following a thorough and detailed consultation process.

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Sensorium work closely with patient carers and technical equipment specifiers in hospitals and care centres to create dedicated product and system solutions adapted to specific requirements following a thorough and detailed consultation process.

Care Homes

Care Homes

Providing for a diverse range of patient behaviour alert and safety alarm call needs within a residential care home setting can be an ongoing challenge to daily care resources. Particular assistive technology products and systems can monitor, respond and alert to patient activity such as calls for help, getting out of bed, wandering, falls reduction, and seizure detection.

Care home staff are immediately equipped to more constructively respond to patient alerts provided by Assistive Tools, Passive Monitors, Active Triggers and other dedicated care technology systems.

Care in the Community

Care in the Community

Care and treatment within an individual’s home environment can present a number of challenges for those responsible for maintaining constant care monitoring and response.

Both adaptive and assistive technology provide practical support in the form of active triggers, alert options and overall lifestyle monitoring, which can remedy a hearing deficit, detect movement in the house, prevent bath overflows, etc.

Estate Management (NHS and Council Property)

Finding the right technical solution to any number of particular safety alarm or care assistance needs may be met by individual product features or the development of a more comprehensive assistive technology application. Often a customised approach to the integration and installation of a specified Staff Safety or Patient Alert call system may be needed within an existing building complex.

An on-site installation involving different alert system wiring configurations is one example where the desired outcome can be achieved through an awareness of both technical and people-based issues.

Hospital & Health Centres

A specific assistive technology solution plays a critical care support role in personalised patient monitoring provision within today’s modern hospital or health centre

Whether the requirement is for an “immediate alert when patients wake up at night and try to get out of bed” or “around the clock alarm monitoring to detect patient bed seizures”, specific call systems or bed management systems provide an appropriate outcome-based care solution.

Most importantly, hospital / health centre managers, nurses and staff carers are also enabled to precisely identify and respond to each patient’s call and activity alert behaviours.

Occupational Therapy

Patients of all ages can be significantly helped to recover the dignity of functional independence and psychological wellbeing in many aspects of their daily lives by the use of both adaptive and assistive technology.

From passive monitoring to active triggered alerts, such as pressure care mattresses, or simply helping patients with lack of dexterity by providing low activation or breath activated call leads, care resources and vital rehabilitation work can be boosted in a variety of occupational care settings.

Personnel Security

Staff safety and personnel security are increasingly dependent on dedicated alarm and alert systems specified by application and intended environment.

From personal attack devices to High Frequency Infra Red Receivers, specific call systems can provide technical product solutions to both alert and protect staff safety for personnel based in patient or custodial care environments.

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  • Over the years we have always been impressed both with the quality of the Intercall equipment and with the professionalism of the Sensorium people. We had no hesitation in naming the Intercall system for our latest home development in Falkland.Colin Smart, MD, Kingdom Homes Ltd.
  • I have always found the entire team to be extremely helpful and understanding. They go out of their way to help you find a solution to a problem - always designed with your interests in mind and not financially driven. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sensorium as the number one supplier in the field.Adrian Hendry - Avondale Care Scotland Ltd (Aug 2012).
  • I find Sensorium very helpful, either by email, landline or mobile. I would recommend their company and equipment with excellent features for adaptability.Graham Martin (EngTech MIET MIHEEM) – NHS Highland, Raigmore Hospital.
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