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Mini Pneumatic Breathcall Switch - BC2

Mini Pneumatic Breathcall Switch

The Breathcall is oxygen safe and used by patients with no motor skills and is activated by simply breathing into a disposable filter assembly.

The Breathcall has a flexible gooseneck with a universal clamp for mounting. The disposable filters are considered accessory packs and should be changed regularly.

The product is available In black with grey.

And our Mini-Breathcall was designed for a more trimline version of the larger unit, with all the same features and dependability as its counterpart.

This lightweight unit can be used with wheel chairs or attached to a standard chair as well as beds. It also uses the same disposable filters and should be changed regularly.

If you should require additional information on any of our fine line of products please let us know we would be more than glad to send that information to you.

  • "Non Powered" Pneumatically Operated Switch
  • Standard contact type: Normally open.
  • Operating voltage: Up to 24 volts AC or DC at .33amps.
  • Standard size: 36" Vinyl covered steel flexible gooseneck, and a nine foot tube 5/16" x 3/16" diameter.
  • Standard color: Black with Grey cord. 
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