SensAlert 300 has been developed as a LOW INTRUSION care solution to assist carers monitor individuals at risk of falling by generating an alert when the person is most at risk.
Versatility is offered with several modes of operation…

1. IMMEDIATE ALARM for when a person at high risk attempts to leave bed or chair

2. DELAYED ALARM for when a person at low or medium risk leaves their bed or chair, and does not return to within a pre-determined time (e.g. 10 minutes)

The alert can be set to LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH Volume, in the form of a TONE, VOICE Recording, or SILENT when using in conjunction with a Nursecall system.

sensalert 300

There are also innovative X-10 options available which can automatically switch on lights (e.g. bedside lamp and bathroom light) when the person gets out of bed, and automatically switch the lights off again when the person returns to bed, again reducing the risk of falling in the dark.

Every year, between 33% and 50% of people over the age of 65 suffer a fall.

For every 100 of those people who fall, 20 will need medical help and around 10 will sustain a fracture.

About Sensalert 300

Early warning falls prevention system – clinically proven to reduce the risk of falls

  • TONE and/or recordable VOICE MESSAGE Alert
  • INSTANT or TIMED Delay (Out of bed too long) Alarm Options
  • Self Calibration means no adjustments required
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL Controller and Sensor Pads
  • Interchangeable BED and CHAIR Sensor Pads
  • Completely RESTRAINT FREE
  • Optional Nurse Call Cable (sold separately) allows Connection to most Nurse Systems
  • SILENT Bedside Alarm OPTION when Connected to Nurse Call System
  • EASY TO USE – Installs in Minutes
  • Effective on Patients Weighing 28kg or more
  • High, Medium and Low Volume Adjustment
  • ADJUSTABLE Delay to Reduce False Alarms
  • BATTERY POWERED for Complete Portability with Low Battery Alert
  • Optional Plug-In Mains Power Adapter (sold separately)
  • One Year Limited Warranty

User instructions

Fit batteries

Using the small screwdriver supplied, open the battery compartment on back of control unit. Fit the 3x AAA batteries supplied as shown on diagram. Replace battery compartment cover and holding screw.

Sensor pad

  • Select Bed or Chair sensor mat and connect to “SENSOR” socket on control unit.
  • Locate the Bed Sensor Pad under the mattress as instructed (see sensor pad instructions) or Chair Sensor Pad on the chair (ideally in or under a cushion)
  • The action of getting onto bed/chair automatically sets the system.
  • The action of exiting the bed/chair activates the alarm*
  • The alarm can be reset by either; the person returning to bed/chair,OR pressing the “RESET/TEST” button on front of control unit.

How to use

  • Place the pad on the chair or bed (note if you have an under or over mattress sensor pad) so that the bulk of the patient’s weight (buttocks area) is resting on it.
  • Ensure the sensor pad is plugged into the “SENSOR” socket
  • When the patient’s weight is placed on the pad, you will hear the confirmation tone beep twice, which indicates that the system is operational and active.
  • When the patient moves from the pad, the selected alarm tone or voice message sounds to remind the patient to sit or lie back down and alerts staff that a patient is at risk of falling.
  • The alarm automatically resets when the patient returns to the pad, or the control unit is reset using the “RESET/TEST” button.
  • The “IN USE” light will blink every 3 seconds to indicate the system is operational.

Testing the System

  • Test the system before each use and inspect the pads and control unit regularly to ensure they are not damaged.
  • Test the system by pressing firmly on the pad. When you remove pressure, the alarm should sound. Reset the alarm by pressing the “RESET/TEST” Button.
  • In either standby mode or whilst in use, the system can be tested by pressing and holding the “RESET/TEST” button on the front of the control unit, the alarm will beep and the light will flash THREE times to indicate that the alarm is functioning properly.

*Note Time Delay Options

sensalert instructions

sensalert unit

Advanced settings

The SensAlert 300 is supplied with a standard setting of a 2 second delay (the person must leave the bed/chair for 2 seconds before alarm triggers)
with TONE Alert set to MEDIUM Volume.

sensalert controls

Select Alert option (Factory default is TONE Only)

  • Tone
  • Voice
  • Voice & Tone

Recording a message for VOICE Alert

  • Press & Hold REC Button
  • Speak into MIC
  • Release button when message is complete

Select Alert Volume (Factory default is MEDIUM Volume)

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Mute Function for use with Nursecall Systems (Factory default is MUTE OFF)

  • ON (Silent MODE)
  • OFF (Tone/Voice Alert active)

Time Delay Options

Used to provide an “out of bed too long” alert, where an individual is capable of going to the bathroom themselves at night, but may be at risk of occasionally falling.
This function will allow the user to exit the bed without triggering an alarm unless the user does not return to bed within the delay time.

sensalert settings


  • Battery (3x AAA) included
  • Optional Mains Adapter
  • The LED on the front of the control unit also functions as a low battery indicator.

When the batteries are low and require changing the light bar will flash blue intermittently and the alarm will emit a beeping sound.


General Product Approvals:
This product has been designed and manufactured to ISO9000 and conforms to CE
and UL Standards.

ISO13845:2003 CE Quality Management Medical Devices
JIS Z 2801:2000 Specification for Antimicrobial activity and efficacy of antimicrobial

Controller and Sensor Mats coated with Nano-silver antimicrobial powder TEB9600

Alarm Controller
Weight 146g
Dimensions 104 x 69 x 29 mm
Power Input: 3x AAA (4.5v) [supplied] or optional 6v DC Adapter (sold separately)
Sensor Input RJ10
Relay Output RJ11 – Alarm Output, Bed Presence

Bed Sensor Pad (Under Mattress)
Weight 225g
Dimensions 760 x 100 x 3mm
Connector RJ10

Bed Sensor Pad (Above Mattress)
Weight 225g
Dimensions 760 x 254 x 3mm
Connector RJ10

Chair Sensor Pad
Weight 126g
Dimensions 380 x 300 x 3mm
Connector RJ10

Produced by SensAlert Ltd
Made in China

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