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Nightstand and charger unit for the rechargeable Scope GEO86ZAAM pager with on-screen charge status & diagnostics.

Pillow output – a vibrating pillow pad can be placed under the carer&’s pillow and plugged into the socket at the rear of the unit.

Charge the pager for 8 hours before first use.

It is advisable to charge the pagers every second or third day – for 6 hours.

Power: 240v – plug-in power supply (supplied)

Pager Battery – AA rechargeable (supplied)

Excellent product when used with the vibrating pillow pad for waking up heavy sleeping carers.

When the pager receives an &’alert&’, the pillow pad vibrates and the strobe light flashes alerting a deep sleeping carer to look at the message on the pager&’s screen.

Relay output (N/O, N/C) – this can be used for an additional strobe light or sounder.

More economical to run than replacing batteries every month.

CNSMUK – Nightstand / Charger for GEO86ZAAM Pager

SKU: CNSMUK Category:

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