Alasdair Macdonald | Co-Director

Alasdair is ready to hear about the issues and problems that you are experiencing with your clients. We can discuss your requests and hopefully come up with a workable solution.

This is assuming that he is at his desk and not away cycling or in his pottery studio trying to keep lumps of clay from flying off the wheel!

Andy Kong | Co-Director

Founder of this enigmatic team, Andy originates from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad. Although schooled at George Watson’s College in Edinburgh, has managed to avoid rugby most of his life! More suited to snooker and pool, he loves cooking, eating and travel – a pastime most of us won’t be doing for awhile…

Integrating Patient Care and Technical Innovation

Together, Andy and Alasdair have worked upon improving the inefficiencies of previous analogue processes. By 1991, they had produced the first digital Epilepsy Seizure Monitor.

With a customer base that includes Councils, Local Authorities, Care Home Operators, Health Authorities and Care System providers,Sensorium provides crucial integration of patient care with technical innovation to bring modern solutions to traditional care monitoring alarm, security and communication.

Future Plans

Sensorium continues to serve the changing needs of alert monitoring with the safety and security of patients in hospital or in residential care. Future plans involve development of Pressure Mattresses, Cable Flow, linking Nurse Call to Bedhead services, and further products dedicated to caring for the elderly and bedridden.

Our Sales & Admin Team


Tracy Walkingshaw | Finance & Admin Manager

Tracy is our office matriarch, ruling the roost and keeping us honest! Having managed our admin team since 2001, she reckons she’d have done less time for murder!

Kim Wilson | Compliance Officer & Project Co-ordinator

When not working on your drawings and ensuring our Quality Management is at the highest level, Kim can be found riding high on her horse!

Emma Hall | Material Co-ordinator & Accounts Assistant

Emma is our rock when it comes to ensuring we have the supplies you need, when you need them!

Our Service Team

Jim Latimer | Service Manager

Our resident Rock Star! Jim plays bass in his band at weekends. Don’t know where he finds the time.. I’ve been told by the team that part of Jim’s synopsis has to be the word AWESOME. Think that says it all…

Neil Jamieson | Engineer

Part of our IntelliCare division for many years, Neil is our highly experienced head of our installation team.

Scott Marshalsey | Engineer

Like Neil, Scott has been with us for many years. Having been school pals, Neil & Scot work together as an ideal team!

Erin Bathe | Workshop Technician

Erin looks after repairs and building our standalone systems.
After joining us for a work placement in 2017 she’s never found a way to leave us! Desperately trying to get her driving license but sadly lockdown happened on day before her test…

Archie & Finn | Office Dogs

Archie & Finn help to provide a bit of normality in the office.

These two well behaved Working Cockers go around the office talking to everybody.

When we have casual discussions sitting on the office sofa, there is always a keen wee face wanting to sit beside you and take part in the conversation. This of course never happens when customers are in the office!

Tracy is the preferred point of contact – she has the dog treats!

Things do get more lively when Dodger’s in the office!

Dodger | Office Dog

Dodger arrived January 2019 and caused mayhem and much amusement. His little sharp teeth tear every cuddly puppy toy into pieces.
He is quiet and well behaved when in the office by himself but get him and Finn together and they will play until totally exhausted.

Sensorium work together with these providers

  • Over the years we have always been impressed both with the quality of the Intercall equipment and with the professionalism of the Sensorium people. We had no hesitation in naming the Intercall system for our latest home development in Falkland.Colin Smart, MD, Kingdom Homes Ltd.
  • I have always found the entire team to be extremely helpful and understanding. They go out of their way to help you find a solution to a problem - always designed with your interests in mind and not financially driven. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sensorium as the number one supplier in the field.Adrian Hendry - Avondale Care Scotland Ltd (Aug 2012).
  • I find Sensorium very helpful, either by email, landline or mobile. I would recommend their company and equipment with excellent features for adaptability.Graham Martin (EngTech MIET MIHEEM) – NHS Highland, Raigmore Hospital.
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