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InterCall IP Power Supply Controller - L7700

InterCall IP Power Supply Controller

The L7700 has the capacity to power an entire Intercall system with provision in the enclosure to accommodate a 12Volt 12AH battery for system backup requirements.

The unit features an integrated embedded web server used to configure the system configuration, datalog access and remote monitoring. Access to the system setup is password protected.

The Ethernet port may be used to connect IP controllers together, provide an interface to other Intercall IP devices and for connection to third party products such as IP/DECT phones & message paging etc. In addition, the unit features; onboard calendar clock and disk drive which records all system activity and configuration settings. Day/Night alarm settings may be automatically switched by the on-board clock or by manual switch.

The unit features programmable volt free contact inputs and a volt free contact output together with an RS232 output which can be configured for many baud rate and data formats. The integral float charger supports a single 12Volt 12AH battery and the AC, DC, Battery and Earth continuity are monitored continuously


IMPORTANT The L7700 is NOT compatible with the L737 Booster Power Supply.

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