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Guardian Attack Button Interface Unit - G194X

Guardian Attack Button Interface Unit
The G194X Addressable Attack Button Interface supercedes the GAN194A and is housed on a single gang front plate which
fits a standard ‘single gang’ electrical back box.  The G194X is used to interface closing contact switches of any kind
(including wall mounted Panic Strips, mushroom headed panic buttons such as the GMP2 and desk mounted two finger
linear push switches) onto a Guardian Staff Attack Alarm system where push button activation is required in addition to the
infra red system. 

The G194X can be configured to act as a master or slave unit to save addresses on larger systems. 
NB - It is important that ALL of the first three switches are set to ON if the unit is NOT being configured as a SLAVE unit.  
The address of each unit is set using the 8 way DIL switch on the reverse of the unit.  In addition there are removable
jumpers use to enable/disable the Confidence LED and Tamper switch.
A four way DIL switch is used to configure the CALL type generated and to set the “SLAVE” address if the unit is configured
as a slave unit.  Each Master Unit can accommodate up to 7 slave devices. 

Confidence LED - Flashes green once per second to indicate unit & system is operational 
   - Flashes red to indicate unit has an active call signal and that it is latched 
Address Switches - Used to set the address for each unit (between 1 & 215)
     N.B. Each unit MUST have a UNIQUE address 
Confidence LED - Remove this jumper to prevent the green confidence LED flashing
Tamper Jumper - Remove this jumper to enable the Tamper Switch.  Fit to disable Tamper 
+ & - terminals - Used to connect the receiver unit to the system network. (Observe Polarity) 
LN Terminal  - LOCAL Network terminal for connecting SLAVE units
     NB – It is important that these LN Terminal is NOT connected to another G194X device or 
     devices if it is not being configured as a SLAVE unit. 
PB Terminal  - Push Button input for Attack or Call inputs from external devices 
4 way DIL  - see diagrams on page 2 
Call Levels  - Call
   - Attack
   - Tamper
     Generated by the release of the tamper spring on the rear of the unit.
   - Unit Failure 
     Generated when the connection from the G194X to the network is lost  
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