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Addressable Emergency/Attack Button - L7322

Addressable Emergency/Attack Button
The Addressable Panic Button provides a robust, reliable, simple to use unit for use in harsh environments such as prisons, courts, hospitals etc. The system is made up from Call Points (Shown above) located throughout the establishment where an Emergency or Panic Call may be required and Liquid Crystal Display Units, which show the location of any Calls and sound the alarm.

Often used for Cardiac Alarm or Crash Calls in hospitals.

Additional sounders and output(s) can be configured on the system to activate for specific Code Blue call points or sensitive areas.
The Code Blue Call Point comprises: Stainless Steel Panel, call button with integral red re-assurance LED and protective shroud to prevent accidental or inadvertent activation. All units are fitted with a tamper device, which indicates on the LCD as a separate alarm in the event that the unit is removed from the wall or back box. Each call point has a corresponding text location, programmed into the system during the commissioning process which can be altered at any time in the future. All text descriptions are held in flash memory to prevent corruption in the event of a power failure. The unit is manufactured from robust 1.5mm stainless steel and supplied with two stainless steel tamper resistant fixings. 
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