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Addressable Radio Receiver - ARFX5

Addressable Radio Receiver

ARFX5 Addressable Radio Receiver The Guardian ARFX5 is an addressable RF receiver.

This personal alarm system component is housed within a metal IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure, designed specifically to provide coverage for external areas such as car parks, patios and gardens, or to provide back up for the infra red receivers inside a building.

The installation and operation of this unit is similar to that of the AIRX3 External IR Unit. The RF range can be affected by many factors including the weather and local conditions (e.g. location of buildings, large metal objects, cars, vans, chain link fences etc) and it is strongly recommended that a site survey is done to ascertain the correct number and locations of ARFX5 units required.

Primary Mode Primary mode is used when the radio receiver is out of range of any infra red receivers, or when there are no infra red receivers used on the system. Any radio receiver located on an out-building or mast in a car park which is away from the main building should be set to primary mode. Units which are set to secondary mode will take typically 8 to 10 seconds to activate.

Secondary Mode Secondary mode is used when the radio receiver is within range of the infra red receivers, or when the radio receiver is intended as a back up to the infra red system. Any incident that triggers an infra red receiver will not activate an ARFX5 in secondary mode - ensuring that the correct location is shown on the DISP1 LCD Display. Any incident that is not picked up by the infra red receivers will be picked up by the radio receiver which will then initiate the alarm. If the same incident is subsequently picked up by the infra red receivers they will then take over from the radio receiver location. In the event of tampering with the ARFX5, the unit has a tamper switch built into it, which will alert the LCD Display units. As with all Guardian receiver unit, the ARFX5 is addressable. In addition there is a removable jumper inside to disable the tamper switch.

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