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Guardian HF Internal Adressable Infra Red Receiver - AIRX7

Guardian HF Internal Adressable Infra Red Receiver

AIRX7 High Frequency Addressable Infra Red Receiver.

The AIRX7 MkII High Frequency Addressable Infra Red Receiver is housed in a standard single gang electrical back box. The AIRX7 comprises of a four infra red signal receivers and a decoder, confidence LED and two address switch banks. Because of the higher frequency of operation of the AIRX7, interference problems from high frequency switched lighting technology are negated.

The AIRX7 can be configured to act as a slave to other AIRX7 Receivers to save addresses on larger systems. A typical example of how slaves would be used is to have one master unit in a long corridor and the rest of the receivers in the same corridor to be configured as slave receivers which will take their address information from the master. Should the corridor be reconfigured and further separate addresses become needed to identify separate sections of the corridor (for instance fire doors may be added half way down) then it is a simple procedure to reconfigure one or more of the slave receivers as masters and give them their own unique address code.

The address of each unit is set using the 8 way DIL switch on the reverse of the unit.  In addition there are removable jumpers use to enable/disable the Confidence LED and Tamper switch.


Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 12mm D

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