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Staff Safety
Display Unit with Keyswitch Reset - DISP1

DISP1 - Display Unit with momentary action Keyswitch Reset

Guardian HF Internal Adressable Infra Red Receiver - AIRX7

Guardian HF Addressable Receiver

Guardian LF Infrared Receiver - AIRX4
External (IP65) Addressable Infra Red Receiver - AIRX8

AIRX8 External (IP65) Addressable Infra Red Receiver

Addressable Radio Receiver - ARFX5

External Staff Attack Radio Receiver unit

Guardian Attack Button Interface Unit - G194X
Addressable Emergency/Attack Button - L7322
The Addressable Panic Button provides a robust, reliable, simple to use unit for use in harsh environments
Infra Red Personal Activation Device - STC5

STC5 Infra Red Personal Activation Device

Dual Technology Personal Activation Device - STC8

STC8 Dual Technology (IR & RF) Personal Activation Device

Guardian Manual - GM
Installation & Operation Manual
InterCall IP Power Supply Controller - L7700

L7700 IP Power Supply Controller

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