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SensAlert Epileptic Seizure Monitor - SensAlert 200

SensAlert Epileptic Seizure Monitor
  • Convulsive Epileptic Seizure Detector, suitable for Tonic Clonic or "Grand Mal" Seizures
  • 6 user changeable settings. Consistes of Control Unit, Under Mattress Sensor Pads, Plug Adapter and magnetic programming key.
  • Detects Tonic Clonic Seizures in bed
  • Sophisticated Digital Processor
  • 2 under Mattress Sensors

Digital Microprocessor: By digitising all input information and processing with software, SensAlert provides an intelligent analysis of the data alerting the carer when a Tonic Clonic seizure is detected.

Sensitivity Levels: 6 user selectable sensitivity levels enables SensAlert200 to compensate for the following environmental variables; a) Weight Of User b) Type Of Mattress and c) Nature Of Seizure.

LED Display: LEDs indicate the selected sensitivity level.


This monitor provides a voltage free N/O output but has no onboard alarm.

Optional Nursecall lead or built in POCSAG pager transmitter available*

*will require a pager or POCSAG receiver with this option e.g. SPRX-1, GEO84ZWM, GEO84Z (see Alert Options)

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