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Call Systems
Essential to personalised patient care and individual staff security in a hospital or medical centre, an addressable call system solution can be specified to perform to a required specific task.

Nurse Call   Personal Alarm Systems   Local Area Paging
Display Unit with Keyswitch Reset - DISP1

DISP1 - Display Unit with momentary action Keyswitch Reset

PageTek Pro - PTPRO

BS5839 Fire Alarm Paging for the Hearing Impaired

Data Capture and Reporting Module - IP470
The IP470 has been designed to provide  an IP platform for older Intercall 600 / 700 systems, so existing users can benefit from the newer IP based technology.
Connexions 6 - CX6 Serial Transmitter

CX6 UHF POCSAG Radio Paging Transmitter

Guardian HF Internal Adressable Infra Red Receiver - AIRX7

Guardian HF Addressable Receiver

Standard Addressable Call Point - L622

600 Series Addressable Standard Non Audio Call Point with 5 call levels

Addressable Infra-red Callpoint - L722

Intercall 700 series Non-Audio Call Point with Infrared Receiver

DataPage Lite - DataPage Lite

UHF Numeric Desktop Paging System

Guardian LF Infrared Receiver - AIRX4
Scope Impact - Impact

Integrated Mobile Personal Attack Communications Transmitter

External (IP65) Addressable Infra Red Receiver - AIRX8

AIRX8 External (IP65) Addressable Infra Red Receiver

Door Monitoring Unit - L733

L733 door monitoring/access control point

Addressable Radio Receiver - ARFX5

External Staff Attack Radio Receiver unit

Addressable Audio Callpoint (Double Gang) - L753

L753 Audio Callpoint. This replaces the now obsolete L752 Audio Callpoint

Network Input/Output Module - L634

The L634 is used to interface an external device(s) to the Intercall system network.

Large Character Alphanumeric Pager - GEO87ZM

Large Display Alphanumeric Pager

Guardian Attack Button Interface Unit - G194X
Addressable Emergency/Attack Button - L7322
The Addressable Panic Button provides a robust, reliable, simple to use unit for use in harsh environments
Desk / Wall Mounted Pager - GEO85ZWM

Desk / Wall mounting pager with Aerial & PSU

Audio Call/Display Unit - L762

Intercall 700 series Audio Call Display unit with Infrared Receiver

Alphanumeric pager with rechargable AA NiMh battery - GEO87ZM AA

Alphanumeric pager with rechargable AA NiMh battery

Infra Red Personal Activation Device - STC5

STC5 Infra Red Personal Activation Device

Overdoor Indicator - L746

Addressable Group Over Door Light

Standard Display Unit - L628

Intercall 600 Series Large Character LCD Display Unit

Nightstand / Charger for GEO87ZM AA Pager - CNSMUK

Nightstand / Charger for GEO87ZM AA Pager

Dual Technology Personal Activation Device - STC8

STC8 Dual Technology (IR & RF) Personal Activation Device

Vibrating Pillow Pad - VPP

Vibrating Pillow Pad

Audio Display Unit - L758

L758 Large Character Audio Display Unit

Guardian Manual - GM
Installation & Operation Manual
InterCall IP Power Supply Controller - L7700

L7700 IP Power Supply Controller

Corridor Display Unit - L748

L748 Corridor Display Unit

Room Controller - L672

Simple non-intrusive monitoring without need for your staff to attend in person

InterCall RS232 Serial Interface - L747

Used to provide a serial data output suitable for Serial Printer DPU414, PC Logging or Paging System

2 Metre Pear Push Lead - NP2

NP2 - Styled 2 Metre Pear Push Lead

Pneumatic Presscall - PC1

Pneumatic Soft Touch Bulb Switch

Mini Pneumatic Breathcall Switch - BC2

Mini Pneumatic Breathcall Switch c/w 10 disposable filters is used by patients with no motor skills and is activated by simply breathing into a disposable filter assembly.

Antibacterial Pressure Mat - PM2

The Intercall PM2 pressure mat has been specifically designed to assist with fall prevention.

SensAlert Epileptic Seizure Monitor - SensAlert 200

SensAlert 200 Epileptic Seizure Monitor for detection of Tonic-Clonic Convulsive seizures.

InterCall Door Contact Sensor - M1

M1 Magnetic Door Contact Sensor

Standard Ceiling Pullswitch - L126

L126 Ceiling Pullswitch with Reassurance LED & wipe clean anti bacterial orange pull cord

Budget Ceiling Pullswitch - CS1

Budget Ceiling Pullswitch with Re-assurance Light

InterCall Movement Sensor - PIR1

Ceiling Mounted Passive Infrared Movement Sensor

Infra-red Pendant Transmitter - TIR4

Infra red Pendant Transmitter for service users.

Fused Junction Board - FJB2

An essential component of any InterCall system providing fused protection and balanced power distribution.

InterCall IP Power Supply Controller - L7700

L7700 IP Power Supply Controller

InterCall Budget Power Supply - L717

L717 Power supply for smaller InterCall systems

Integrated IP Phone - IP250
The Intercall IP250 is a Desk Mount Telephone Display for the nursecall system.
IP Logging Software - CMSN/IP

Call & Activity Logging for Intercall IP Systems

InterCall Installation & Operation Manual - IC 600/700 Manual
InterCall 600/700 Installation & Operation Manual
2-way Slave Jack Socket - SJS2
Bed Sensor Socket - SA-358
4 metre Extension Socket - SEN-X4
2-way 4 metre extension for 1/4" Jack Socket
Red Domed Push Button - PB-R

PB3-R Red Domed Push Button with changeover contacts

InterCall styled Backbox - BB1

BB1 Intercall Styled Surface Backbox for Intercall styled Devices.

Sensor/Accessory Socket - SA359
Multi Functiopn Sensor/Accessory socket
Adapter Plate - AD1

AD1 Adapter Plate - Double gang to single gang conversion plate.

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