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Renal RO H - Renal RO H

Renal RO H

The CABLEFLOW RO range has been developed specifically for renal dialysis station locations in healthcare environments where the safe and reliable provision of purified water systems is essential to the provision of haemotology care.

These systems are broadly recognised as the leading types of contminant available the the UK market and meet the intent of UK HBN 53 and the requirements of ISO 11197.

Offering a composite solution to bedhhead services provision in Dialysis or Renal Dialysis areas where both the clinical efficiency of the environment and it's aesthetics are important to users and patients alike. These products have evolved through ongoing dialogue with RO water system providers, users and specifiers.

Varying configurations of this product have been supplied worldwide and provide basic dialysis media panels or, the combined scope of every bedhead service. Specifically developed for the contianment of RO system pipework and waste disposal, with single or multi-station capabilites, all layouts can be adequately serviced.

Designed to suit a custom application from a core product range, they are manufactured to an uncompromising standard which caters for the individual needs of dialysis positions in every type of healthcare environement. Products can be specified in a variety of colours and configurations with more than 360 shades or hues available from our standard range, so it won't look out of place in any envirnonment. With the added features of wood effect and foil laminate coverings to the enclosured facia the environment takes on the appearance of a stylish yet homely feel.

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