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Medicol FM

The TECHNOTRUNK FLUSH MEDICOL (FM) Patient Care Services Column has evolved from a market requirement for a stylish, adaptable vertical trunking system which can be wall recessed. The concepts and desires of architects, consulting engineers and contractors have been taken into account in the development of this product as have the peculiarities of installation and maintenance in healthcare buildings. With a specific application to Mental Health Units, where tamper proof designs are key to patient safety, the clean fitting free lines of MEDICOL FM offer an uncluttered appearance.

Where the building structure does not permit the use of a horizontal bedhead unit, ie, where windows obstruct, the MEDICOL FM offers a vertical solution that can be simply fed into the ceiling.

In a similar manner to our horizontal trunking systems, it accommodates all patient care services for mains power, nurse call, entertainment, medical gases and lighting, by providing up to five individually screened and segregated compartments for the respective services, with more available if necessary.

It can be fully customised and is available finished in a range of more than 360 standard colours, each accompanied by a 25 year Applicators Guarantee.

Mounted recessed into the wall construction so that the front facia is flush with the wall surface, the MEDICOL FM blends into the decor whilst offering a convenient and serviceable Medical Supply Unit which is supplied fully compliant with ISO 11197.

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