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Delivery Room Surgical Unit - Dr SU

Delivery Room Surgical Unit

With the capacity for a full range of patient care serivces within a neat and stylish enclosure, often unsightly services are partially concealed from view, thus giving a homely and domestic feel to the overall environment. This requirement of HBN 21 has never before been addressed by a singular Bedhead Services Trunking System product and Dr DU is at the forefront of compliant Medical Supply Units for these applications.

Recent changes to the environmental design requirements of MLU & LDRP rooms, typified by the recent publication of HBN 21, seek to develop a calming and less clinical environment for both the patient and clinical staff alike.

The Dr SU has been specifically designed with these considerations in mind whilst acting as the sole source of delivery of patient care services within the patient environment.

An unobtrusive ergonomic design with semi concealed services outlets ensures that the room environment has a homely yet functional feel, while portraying a high level of interior design. The display of services, including calming supplementary room lighting that can be varied by the expectant mother to suit her mood at the time, provides a revolutionary concept in the provision of patient care services within these room.

Manufactured from a system of aluminium extrusions with a decorative panel of either wood veneer, laminates or a simple painted finish, the Dr SU can be customised to provide a full range of electrical, nurse call, data and voice, medical gas and communication services for general patient care.

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