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Bedhead Services
Medisys - Medisys

As Cableflows entry-level product, TECHNOTRUNK MEDISYS offers features above and beyond many other manufacturers premium products.

Medisys Integra - Medisys Integra

The flagship product of the Cableflow Bedhead Services Trunking System range, TECHNOTRUNK MEDISYS integra, having been recognised at the highest level in business, commercial, design and innovation terms by being honoured with a Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Delivery Room Surgical Unit - Dr SU
Dr. SU is a vertical Bedhead Services Trunking System designed specificaly for facilities offering maternity care, such as Midwife Lead Units (MLU) or LDRP rooms
Medicol - Medicol

The MEDICOL Patient Care Services Column has evolved from a market requirement for a stylish adaptable vertical trunking system.

FS Medicol - FS Medicol

Free Standing Medicol

A stylish adaptable vertical trunking system for open plan areas

Medicol FM - Medicol FM

With a specific application to Mental Health Units, where tamper proof designs are key to patient safety, the clean fitting free lines of MEDICOL FM offer an uncluttered appearance.

Renal RO H - Renal RO H

Renal RO H

Renal RO V - Renal RO V

Renal RO Vertical

The Panel - C-PN

The Panel

Nursecall Panel - BSTS-NP
Integrated Nursecall Panel with Patient Handset with Light Control option
Entertainment Panel - BSTS-RAD
Bespoke HOSPITAL RADIO Panels for Bedhead Services
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