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Bed Management
Comprehensive, integrated bed management and nurse call technology that caters for the individual patient needs of each bed within a modern hospital or health centre environment.

Bedhead Services    Sensing Mattresses  
Medisys - Medisys

As Cableflows entry-level product, TECHNOTRUNK MEDISYS offers features above and ...

Softform Premier - SA-370

Clinically Proven - "Very High Risk" Pressure Relieving Mattres...

Softform Premier Active Mattress - SA-371

Static Dynamic Pressure Reducing Mattress (excluding Pump)

Medisys Integra - Medisys Integra

The flagship product of the Cableflow Bedhead Services Trunking System range, TEC...

Delivery Room Surgical Unit - Dr SU
Dr. SU is a vertical Bedhead Services Trunking System designed specificaly for faciliti...
Medley Ergo - 1554900
Medley Ergo: cost effective patient care
3" High Density Foam Cushion - SA-327
Pressure Care & Tissue Viable Chair Cushion for SensAlert 300 Chair Sensor Mat.
Medicol - Medicol

The MEDICOL Patient Care Services Column has evolved from a market requirement fo...

FS Medicol - FS Medicol

Free Standing Medicol

A stylish adaptable vertical trunking system for...

Medicol FM - Medicol FM

With a specific application to Mental Health Units, where tamper proof designs ar...

Renal RO H - Renal RO H

Renal RO H

Renal RO V - Renal RO V

Renal RO Vertical

The Panel - C-PN

The Panel

Nursecall Panel - BSTS-NP
Integrated Nursecall Panel with Patient Handset with Light Control option
Entertainment Panel - BSTS-RAD
Bespoke HOSPITAL RADIO Panels for Bedhead Services
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