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Antibacterial Pressure Mat - PM2

Antibacterial Pressure Mat

Positioned alongside the bed or in a doorway, the unit will reliably alert staff when a resident is on the move without being intrusive. Manufactured from durable PVC, the water resistant properties of the PM2 pressure mat make it easy to wipe clean and prolong the life of the unit.

The PM2 pressure mat simply plugs into your existing Intercall call point and activates a standard call when pressure is applied to the mat. Supplied with a 350cm (11.6 feet) lead terminated with a moulded plug and measuring 91cm x 61cm (35 x 24 inch), the large surface area of the pressure mat ensures sensor activation and that the alarm will be raised.

The Intercall pressure mat has an antibacterial coating to assist with infection control and features a non slip backing allowing the unit to be used on all solid surfaces.

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