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Passive Monitors
SensAlert Epileptic Seizure Monitor - SensAlert 200

SensAlert 200 Epileptic Seizure Monitor for detection of Tonic-Clonic Convulsive seizures.

Digital Epilepsy Monitor with Direct to Pager Transmitter - SPTX-EP200

SPTX-EP200 Epilepsy Seizure Monitor Transmitter (Pager not included)

SENSALERT 300 Bed / Chair Monitor - SEN-300B1

Bed Monitor Package inc. Antibacterial Over Bed Pad SA-322, Controller & PSU (excludes Nursecall Link)

SensAlertChair Monitor Package - SEN-300C

Chair Monitor Package inc. Antibaterial Chair Pad, Controller & PSU (excludes Nursecall Link).

3" High Density Foam Cushion - SA-327
Pressure Care & Tissue Viable Chair Cushion for SensAlert 300 Chair Sensor Mat.
Antibacterial Pressure Mat - PM2

The Intercall PM2 pressure mat has been specifically designed to assist with fall prevention.

Door Contact with Fishtail Keyswitch - SPTX-DR-KS2
Direct to pager door monitor transmitter with fishtail keyswitch and M1S surface contact.
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