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Nightstand / Charger for GEO84ZM AA Pager - CNSMUK

Nightstand / Charger for GEO84ZM AA Pager

Nightstand and charger unit for the rechargeable Scope GEO84ZWM AA pager with on-screen charge status & diagnostics.

Pillow output - a vibrating pillow pad can be placed under the carer&'s pillow and plugged into the socket at the rear of the unit.


Charge the pager for 8 hours before first use.

It is advisable to charge the pagers every second or third day - for 6 hours.

Power: 240v - plug-in power supply (supplied)

Pager Battery - AA rechargeable (supplied)

Excellent product when used with the vibrating pillow pad for waking up heavy sleeping carers.

When the pager receives an &'alert&', the pillow pad vibrates and the strobe light flashes alerting a deep sleeping carer to look at the message on the pager&'s screen.

Relay output (N/O, N/C) - this can be used for an additional strobe light or sounder.

More economical to run than replacing batteries every month.

Unable to log calls when the pager is not in the charging craddle.

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