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Assistive Technology
Dedicated monitoring and active triggered alerts precisely identify and enable vital constructive response to each patient’s call or activity behaviour.

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Mini Pneumatic Breathcall Switch - BC2

Mini Pneumatic Breathcall Switch c/w 10 disposable filters is used by patients with no motor skills and is activated by simply breathing into a disposable filter assembly.

SensAlert 500 Activity Monitoring System - SensAlert 500

Helping people to live independently in their own home.

Pneumatic Presscall - PC1

The Presscall unit can be used as an aid to communication for persons with limited dexterity that, are unable to use a standard call lead. For example: partially paralysed individuals and those with severe arthritic & rheumatic conditions.

Desk / Wall Mounted Pager - GEO84ZWM

Desk / Wall mounting pager with Aerial & PSU

SensAlert Epileptic Seizure Monitor - SensAlert 200

SensAlert 200 Epileptic Seizure Monitor for detection of Tonic-Clonic Convulsive seizures.

Large Character Alphanumeric Pager - GEO84ZM

Large Display Alphanumeric Pager

Red Domed Push Button - PB-R

PB3-R Red Domed Push Button with changeover contacts

Digital Epilepsy Monitor with Direct to Pager Transmitter - SPTX-EP200

SPTX-EP200 Epilepsy Seizure Monitor Transmitter (Pager not included)

Magiplug - MagiBath

Sink & Bath overflow prevention!

SENSALERT 300 Bed / Chair Monitor - SEN-300B1

Bed Monitor Package inc. Antibacterial Over Bed Pad SA-322, Controller & PSU (excludes Nursecall Link)

Alphanumeric pager with rechargable AA NiMh battery - GEO84ZM AA

Alphanumeric pager with rechargable AA NiMh battery

Nightstand / Charger for GEO84ZM AA Pager - CNSMUK

Nightstand / Charger for GEO84ZM AA Pager

SensAlertChair Monitor Package - SEN-300C

Chair Monitor Package inc. Antibaterial Chair Pad, Controller & PSU (excludes Nursecall Link).

Vibrating Pillow Pad - VPP

Vibrating Pillow Pad

3" High Density Foam Cushion - SA-327
Pressure Care & Tissue Viable Chair Cushion for SensAlert 300 Chair Sensor Mat.
Antibacterial Pressure Mat - PM2

The Intercall PM2 pressure mat has been specifically designed to assist with fall prevention.

Door Contact with Fishtail Keyswitch - SPTX-DR-KS2
Direct to pager door monitor transmitter with fishtail keyswitch and M1S surface contact.
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