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Guardian Staff Safety System
Whatever your business, your staff should always feel safe and secure in their working environment. Help protect them with Guardian - the ultimate in personal alarms systems.

The Guardian personal activation device (infra red trigger) is worn discreetly on the belt by each member of staff. Reliable and reassuring, the system is programmable to offer two levels of call - "Assistance" and "Attack".

This enables the system to be used as an attack alarm and also to summon assistance at the touch of a button - without having to leave the scene of the incident. In the event of attack, signals from the personal activation devices are transmitted to display units, which sound the alarm while identifying the exact location of the incident and the personnel involved.

Also available to supplement your Guardian Staff Protection System is a complete range of Nursecall Accessories to provide integrated system solutions.

The Guardian Staff Protection System is currently used in a wide range of applications and sectors that include Hospitals, Mental Health Units, Primary Care Centres, GP Surgeries, Airports, Courtrooms, Job Centres, Bail Hostels and Schools. The Guardian system is modular in nature, and offers the flexibility to suit all applications from small to large, no matter what your requirements.
Display Unit with Keyswitch Reset - DISP1

DISP1 - Display Unit with momentary action Keyswitch Reset

Guardian HF Internal Adressable Infra Red Receiver - AIRX7

Guardian HF Addressable Receiver

Guardian LF Infrared Receiver - AIRX4
External (IP65) Addressable Infra Red Receiver - AIRX8

AIRX8 External (IP65) Addressable Infra Red Receiver

Addressable Radio Receiver - ARFX5

External Staff Attack Radio Receiver unit

Infra Red Personal Activation Device - STC5

STC5 Infra Red Personal Activation Device

Dual Technology Personal Activation Device - STC8

STC8 Dual Technology (IR & RF) Personal Activation Device

Guardian Manual - GM
Installation & Operation Manual
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