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Sensorium was founded on 1st February 1994 by Directors, Andy Kong and Alasdair Macdonald to be a
specialist supplier of innovative patient care monitoring, alarm, security and communication product / system solutions.

Working closely with Occupational Therapists, NHS Estate managers, Project specifiers or Personal Care workers, Sensorium brings an in depth knowledge of specific patient problems and everyday scenarios, which need a practical solution not always available elsewhere.

Andy Kong, Co-Director

Andy Kong has a technical development background, working with engineers on security alert and monitoring systems.

The early 1990s saw the launch of ‘Care In the Community’ in the UK. Andy soon found his expertise highly sought after by Care Home managers while designing revolutionary new products such as Mini Nurse Call, Epilepsy Seizure Monitors, and the adaptation of wireless doorbell systems.

Today, Andy sees his main role as working closely with technical specifiers and system installers to ensure that the best possible technical solution to a people based problem, is fully realised.

Alasdair Macdonald, Co-Director

Alasdair Macdonald was working in the electronic access control industry when he became aware of the very real and human needs of the patient care sector for a new kind of approach to alert monitoring systems.

It soon became apparent that the focus needed to change from the requirements of the care provider by being simply alerted to patient movement to a non-disruptive and sympathetic response, programmed to the needs of the care recipient, i.e. the patient.

In the consultative process, Alasdair always approaches the everyday human needs of both patient and carer with an individualised solution that can always be implemented with a practical technical application.

Integrating Patient Care and Technical Innovation

Together, Andy and Alasdair have worked upon improving the inefficiencies of previous analogue processes. By 1991, they had produced the first digital Epilepsy Seizure Monitor.

With a customer base that includes Councils, Local Authorities, Care Home Operators, Health Authorities and Care System providers, Sensorium provides crucial integration of patient care with technical innovation to bring modern solutions to traditional care monitoring alarm, security and communication.

Future Plans

Sensorium continues to serve the changing needs of alert monitoring with the safety and security of patients in hospital or in residential care. Future plans involve development of Pressure Mattresses, Cable Flow, linking Nurse Call to Bedhead services, and further products dedicated to caring for the elderly and bedridden.

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